Dr. Pramila Rajchal

About Me:

  • Pediatric Fundamental Critical Life Support course (2016) organized by NEPAS,
  • Neonatal Life Support workshop (2017) organized in Dhulikhel hospital,
  • APLS training (2017) held in Kanti children hospital,
  • Data management for clinical research training (2017) jointly conducted by Siddhi Memorial Hospital and School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGM – Japan),
  • Pediatric Nephrology course (2018) organized by BPKIHS Dharan in collaboration with Interational pediatric nephrology association,
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Ventilator course (2019) held at Dhulikhel hospital,
  • Online course on Postgraduation in Pediatric Nutrition in Association with Boston University School of Medicine